Prayer Meetings

We invite you to our weekly prayer meeting to encourage you in communication with God and to connect with others in the church. Prayer meetings will occur each Monday from 4pm – 5:00pm and will be led by one of our Pastors via Zoom.
Stop by for a few minutes or stay the whole time!

Meet Our Prayer Team

Participation Guidelines

We ask that all visitors please remember to stay focused on the group’s purpose, which is to come together for prayer. Be courteous and share time and space so all are heard.

Stay Focused

All participants will understand and agree that any prayers heard or offered should be kept confidential unless specifically asked to share with our Prayer Team.

Prayers Are Confidential

Participants may come from various backgrounds, doctrine, and gifts. Please remember that what may be appropriate for personal prayer time may not be suitable when praying with others.

Show Courtesy

By entering the Zoom prayer room, you agree to adhere to
the guidelines above and to be respectful of others.

The Bridge Church in Corona