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Meet the Team

The leadership team here at The Bridge is part of the church family! Everyone has a part to play and we are committed to fulfilling God's purpose in our church and within our community.


Scott Hayden

Ministry Directors

Darla Sutton Office Administrator

Kristen Stawniczy, Children’s Ministry Team

Tom Pechatsko, Safety & Security Team

Tom Thornburg, Greeting Ministry Team

Deena Popplewell, Music Ministry Team

Melanie Blakeborough, Second Mile Ministry Team

Matt Delano, Youth Ministry Team

Nancy Nelson, Hospitality Team

Robert Sutton, Production Team

Barbara Witt, Attendance Team

Regis Riley, Ushers Team

Mike & Kathy Hayden, Facilities Team

Executive Team

The purpose of the Executive Team is to Guide the Bridge Church in
financial, business, facility, and human resource decisions.

Robert Emmons 

Karen Elsbury 

Darla Sutton

Scott Hayden

Lionel Namahoe 

Kathy Namahoe  

Nicole Hayden

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