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Kidz Bridge – The Old Testament

Kidz Bridge – The Old Testament

The Bridge Church In Corona
9106 Pulsar Court, Suite A
Corona, CA 92883

time 10:00 AM

Every Sunday from

March 31, 2019


May 19, 2019

10:00 AM Each Sunday during services

Kidz Bridge is Sunday School for children ages 4 – 11. At Kidz Bridge our leaders and volunteers help the children have a personal relationship with God, and help them to understand that they are important and that God has a plan for their lives. At the Bridge Church, we provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn about God during our Sunday morning services. Parents are required to both sign in before services and sign out their children after services.

Ministry Leader: Debra Jackson

New Series: The Old Testament

Bring your children, grandchildren and neighborhood children to Kidz Bridge as we journey through the Old Testament together looking at all the major stories, events and people. Kidz Bridge spends time learning new songs and also has great fun doing activities together. This series your children will learn about:

Lesson 1: Abraham & Isaac
Lesson 2: A Wife For Isaac
Lesson 3: Jacob & Esau
Lesson 4: Easter: Salvation
Lesson 5: Jacob’s Ladder
Lesson 6: Jacob Wrestles With God
Lesson 7: Joseph The Prince Of Egypt
Lesson 8: Balaam And His Donkey

WANT MORE INFORMATION? Please visit Kidz Bridge Ministry

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