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401 GO Class

Class Dates May Vary

In our 401 Go Class you’ll discover how God has given you a distinct story to tell about your life in order to reach the world around you.  No one else can tell it like you because no one else has experienced the same things you have.  This class will help you:

  • Discover your own particular story telling style
  • Give you practical illustrations to reach others
  • Show you how to develop your own approach
  • Help build confidence in sharing your story

We also have many other elective classes you can take like, Assurance of Salvation; Growing in Christ; Foundations; How To Study The Bible; Cults, Occults & Religions; Devoted Bodies; and How To Manage Your Money.

Childcare will not be provided. Foundational classes are designed for attendees over 13 years of age.
Lunch will be provided.

Four Convenient Ways To Pre-register Now!

  1. Use your connection card in services and check the box for the 401 GO Class.
  2. Register online
  3. Call the church office at (951) 279-5636
  4. Email us at

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